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      Love the entire vibe of the place, koi fish outside our rooms, live music when we arrived on Friday night. Breakfast spread may feel small (in comparison to some hotels) but for us, it?s sufficient and very delicious. Friendly staff.
  วันที่ : 2020-06-02 เวลา : 8:29 AM
      We were so close to the market and shops. It was very easy to navigate around. The proximity to the airport was also a plus. The breakfast at the hotel was excellent and there was a New Years buffet which was very well done. We upgraded to a suite and it was well worth the money.
  วันที่ : 2020-06-02 เวลา : 8:32 AM
      Stayed for a few nights and really liked it - a quiet and comfortable hotel in a great location. They have a pool in the courtyard, the rooms are relaxing and comfortable with AC and patios, and breakfast each morning.
  วันที่ : 2020-06-02 เวลา : 8:40 AM
  Tripadvisor Reviewer
      Great hotel with relaxed feel, nice pool and friendly and helpful staff. Good breakfast also, and coin-laundry facilities were much appreciated. Location is pretty good, with a few restaurants and temples nearby, and about 15 mins walk from the main touristy street where most of the restaurants and shops are.
  วันที่ : 2020-06-02 เวลา : 8:43 AM
      I really enjoyed our stay at this hotel, we had a ground floor room right off the main courtyard and it was very convenient. The room was clean and comfortable and the hotel is in a great location.
  วันที่ : 2020-06-02 เวลา : 8:45 AM

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