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      Dear DeLanna-Team. I have been in February (9-11) for just two nights in your hotel with my sister. For her it was the third or fourth time already. I am just amazed and still feeling really great when remembering those days. Definitely for my next trip to Thailand I will stay again at your hotel! It is not only worth it - it is just fan-tas-tic!!! Thanks a lot for that experience. Henner
  วันที่ : 2015-08-06 เวลา : 9:27 AM
  Henner Stollberg
      I want to know Deluxe room is it at 1st floor that can walk out to swimming pool? or have some Deluxe room on higher floor? Thanks!
  วันที่ : 2016-22-02 เวลา : 3:21 AM
      Dear Lewis, Our reservation team will contact you via email reservation@delannahotel.com for responding on your inquiries and other reservation matters.
  วันที่ : 2016-22-02 เวลา : 10:41 AM
  Reservation team
      what size beds (twins, doubles or queens) are in the 2 bedded rooms. Is the 200 airport cost for 3 persons or for each person.
  วันที่ : 2016-26-02 เวลา : 4:45 PM
      Dear Michele, Our reservation staffs will respond your questions via reservation@delannahotel.com . Please check your email for the details. Please send all questions and inquiries direct to reservation@delannahotel.com next time you visit our website. This review page will only for our guests make their comments, reviews, and share their experience while they staying with us. Sincerely yours,
  วันที่ : 2016-27-02 เวลา : 4:06 AM
  Reservation team

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